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Coghlan’s Artisan Bakery, Kildare Ireland


Coghlan’s Artisan Bakery is an award-winning supplier of bread and pastries to some of Ireland's and the UK's top chefs and supermarkets. As a member of Bord Bia’s origin green sustainability programme they decided to replace their fossil fuel boiler with a biomass boiler which they would use locally produced wood pellets to provide heat to their baking ovens.

Beckman Coulter, Co. Clare Ireland


Beckman Coulter is an American medical device manufacturer located in the Mid-West of Ireland. During the recent expansion of their facility, they employed a local company ‘Enerpower’ to install a 550kw multi-fuel wood boiler capable of running on both wood chip and wood pellet which would provide heating to the new 6,700 square meter building.

Entrade Headquarters – Liverpool, UK


Entrade are an innovative German company who supply boilers capable of providing heating / cooling and electricity from biomass and other waste streams. These containerised systems can be shipped anywhere in the world and combined together to create a fully renewable micro-grid which can help provide thermal energy and power to everyone from businesses to off grid communities in the developing world.

B&Q Distribution Centre – Workshop, UK


B&Q's Northern Distribution Centre in the UK is an 865,000 square foot building built on a 87 acre site which has achieved a top level BREEAM building rating. Biomass Silo Systems designed and installed the silo and fuel loading system to feed the biomass boiler which provides heat and hot water to the offices, canteen and air handling units. The boiler was specially designed to run off waste wood which is generated by shredding pallets on site that previously would have gone to landfill.

F&H Panton – Lincolnshire, UK


Panton Brothers conversion to biomass heating has to date yielded a 30% decrease in heating costs, this saving combined with 20 years of RHI payments makes it an extremely cost effective long term investment.

Arramara Teo – Co. Galway, Ireland


Arramara Teo is Ireland’s largest processer of seaweed and has been in operation since 1947. The seaweed is harvested to produce soil fertilizer, animal feed, and alginate used in the food processing industry. Arramara have been able to make huge savings on their old coal-fired system and massively reduce their carbon footprint which was important given their position on the scenic West Coast of Ireland.

AE OSCROFT & SONS – Worcestershire, UK


Biomass Silo Systems, Installed and commissioned this over two days and a follow up call a couple of months later revealed that the system had been running without issue since we left with a noticeable improvement in boiler efficiency and frequency of maintenance.

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