Project Description

AE Oscroft & Sons are a family run manufacturing company based in Redditch, Worcestershire supplying steel pressings for the automotive industry.

Operating from a 54,000 square foot premises, Oscroft’s had two 200kw wood pellet boilers installed for around two years before contacting us with regards to solving problems they had been experiencing with the pellet store a fuel feed system.

Upon visiting site it was clear that their pellet store which consisted of two 20 foot shipping containers modified to take the pellet deliveries, was not fit for purpose and was in fact causing excessive damage to the pellets during delivery. It was also letting in water in places and was generally very poorly designed.

Biomass Silo Systems recommended that the existing pellet store be decommissioned and replaced with a new purpose built 20.0 ton capacity silo.

A specially manufactured silo base was designed to integrate the existing boiler feed screws, which were fixed in place and could not be moved.

Biomass Silo Systems, Installed and commissioned this over two days and a follow up call a couple of months later revealed that the system had been running without issue since we left with a noticeable improvement in boiler efficiency and frequency of maintenance.