Project Description

Entrade are an innovative German company who supply boilers capable of providing heating / cooling and electricity from biomass and other waste streams.

These containerised systems can be shipped anywhere in the world and combined together to create a fully renewable micro-grid which can help provide thermal energy and power to everyone from businesses to off grid communities in the developing world.

Biomass Silo systems began working with Entrade by designing and install 5 X 14.0 ton silos for their UK headquarters in Knowsley Industrial park in Liverpool, UK.

Each silo was to be placed beside two 40 foot shipping containers stacked on top of each other and fed a total of 4 X 50kw chp boilers which provided heat and power to businesses in the industrial estate as well as doubling as a testing center allowing Entrade engineers to experiment with using different waste streams as fuel.

As the project in Liverpool expanded we provided a further 20 silos and as Entrade expanded their operations worldwide we provided further silos for projects in the UK, Germany, Japan and most recently in Puerto Rico where the Entrade boilers were used to provide emergency power generation following extensive damage to the power grid caused by a major storm hitting the island.