Optional Extras

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Double Bunker

Allows customers to install twin loading augers and increase the maximum feed rate of 120m3 per hour


All of our silos can be powder coated to a colour of choice. This allows customers to colour match their silo to a nearby building and help it to blend in to its natural surroundings. Powder coating also adds an additional 20 years of corrosion resistance to silos situated outdoors

Access Ladder

For easy and safe access to the roof of your silo for maintenance and inspection we offer an optional access ladder and safety railing

Steel Silo Base

A specially manufactured base can be provided with these silos to allow effective storage and extraction of wood pellets, wood chip, waste wood and other materials. The design depends on the properties of the fuel being stored and the extraction system being used and our engineers are always happy to advise customers on the optimal [...]

Powder Coating

Silo can be powder coated to RAL colour of choice in order to make it blend in to its surroundings more naturally.

Greencoat Finish

This extra durable pvc coated steel is designed to give your silo a 30 year outdoor life as well as improving the overall look of the product if it is to be sited in a visible location. A special internal coating also improves the flow characteristics inside the silo.

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